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Want to learn what is trending?! Come join The Cake Botanist in this jam-packed one day class filled with plenty of new recipes and techniques to get you making this stylish Drip Cake!

From watching how to Bake some super moist Chocolate sponges to perfecting the Swiss Meringue Buttercream and not forgetting how to make a simple tempered chocolate cone from Bubble Wrap!

The Cake Botanist will also throw in a demo to show to you how to make her mirror glaze that will keep that shine when it comes to giving your cakes those yummy drips!

Chocolate Drip Cake Class

£180.00 Regular Price
£162.00Sale Price

On this course you will learn:

· A demo on how to bake a simple, luscious chocolate sponge cake and how to divide and layer them up


·Make and prepare the filling of raspberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream


·Learn how to mask a layered cake and achieve sharp edges even with buttercream using ganaching plates


·How to work with chocolate Ganache to create streaks and textures on buttercream


·Working with tempered chocolate to create chocolate decorations – Bubble Wrap cone


·Learn how to make Chocolate Mirror Glaze and how to get that flawless drip effect on your finished cake


·Get a “Happy Birthday” acrylic Cake topper to complete that fashionable style


And of course tips and tricks from The Cake Botanist that you will not normally find online!

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