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Private workshops are designed for hobbyists and individuals who are keen to learn a new skill. They are structured for one-on-one sessions or small groups of up to 4 people.


Each workshop is customised to your skill level and you decide which techniques you would like to master. Make an enquiry to start building your lesson plan.

Private workshops allow you to have focused one-on-one guidance from The Cake Botanist. Cherry pick the skills and techniques you would like to master and The Cake Botanist will  structure a bespoke course, just for you. Ideal for beginners who would like to try a variety of skills or even for Intermediate - Advanced decorators who are looking to learn new skills or further develop their existing skill set.

Tailor-made for your skill level, the course moves at your pace and you set the milestones. You decide how much you would like to cover and the course outline will be structured around your targets.

To build your workshop, you can mix and match various techniques, as required. The length and cost of the workshop will be tailored to your selection.

Learn More
Techniques Available
  • Sugarflower Techniques

  • Wafer Paper Flower Techniques

  • Fresh Flower Techniques

  • Buttercream Finishes

  • Buttercream Painting

  • Fondant/Sugar Paste Techniques

  • Painting on Fondant

  • Stencilling Techniques

  • Ganache Finishes

  • Crackle Finishes

  • Edible Prints

  • Baking & Recipe Creation

  • Layering Cakes and working with ganaching plates

  • Royal Icing Piping Techniques

  • Modeling Chocolate Techniques

  • Chocolate Tempering

  • Chocolate Bon Bons

  • Chocolate Sails

  • Tiered-Cake Assembly

  • Cake business Q&A

  • ...and many more!

Lesson Plan
Sample Lesson Plan

Here is a sample 1-2 day private workshop lesson plan for:

- Baking & Recipe Creation

- Layering Cakes and working with Ganaching Plates

- Wafer Paper Flowers Techniques

- Tiered-Cake Assembly

- Buttercream Finishes

- Buttercream Painting

- Fresh Flower Decorations with Safety Seal

Students will bring home a complete cake at the end of Day 1/2. For 2-day course, fresh flower content will be replaced by wafer paper content with flower dusting, cake layering, stacking, doweling and final assembly to be completed on Day 2.


  • Working with Fresh Flowers

  • Securing Fresh Arrangements

  • Swiss Buttercream Techniques

  • Mixing Colours for Buttercream

  • Layering & Masking Stacking & Dowelling

  • Buttercream Application & Techniques for Sharp Edges

  • Buttercream Painting Techniques

  • Final Assembly

  • Safety Seal Use & Application on Fresh Flower Arrangements


  • Wafer Paper Basics & Properties

  • Working with Cutters

  • Wafer Curling Techniques

  • Wafer Roses

  • Wafer Ranunculus

  • Wafer Blossoms & Leaves

  • Wired Wafer Anemones

  • Edible Tint Techniques

  • Dusting Flowers & Foliage

  • Final Assembly

  • Safety Seal Use & Application on Wafer Arrangements

Structure & Price Packages
Workshop​ Structure

Workshop days run from 10am - 4pm inclusive of a 30 minute lunch break. 

Students should bring their own lunch. Snacks, coffee and tea are provided throughout the day.

Each student will receive a personalised, framed certificate upon completion of the workshop.

per pax
Multiple Days

3-4 pax

£425 pp/day

10% off all days for booking of 2-days or more

2 pax

£500 pp/day

10% off all days for booking of 2-days or more

1 pax

£550 pp/day

10% off all days for booking of 2-days or more

Make an Enquiry
Group Size:

Thank you for your interest! The Cake Botanist will get back to you as soon as possible.

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