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BOLD Cakes. Want to make your very own Sugarflower Moth Orchids!? Along with that, learn the trick to attaching printed wafer paper designs onto cakes and complete it with this geometric striped top tier.


Join The Cake Botanist in this 2 day Masterclass and learn how to make this chic, bold cake fit for a any celebration!


This class will be packed with loads of techniques you can use in the future!


This course is meant for students who are looking to expand their skills whether as a hobby or cake business. It is aimed at an intermediate level.


The Cake botanist will demonstrate every technique and give you the cake confidence you need to go further and create more show stopping cakes!

Bold Cakes – Moth Orchids,Geometric Stripes & Edible Prints

£385.00 Regular Price
£346.50Sale Price

About the Course


On this course you will learn:

• Learn how to mask a layered cake and use ganaching plates and achieve sharp edges with a Butterream Ganache


• Learn how to trim and cut wafer paper designs and fit them perfectly onto a cake including the top and sides


• Learn how to work with a dummy cake and cover them with fondant and achieve sharp edges.


• Learn how to make wired Moth orchids and buds from Sugar florist paste (gum paste) and make them look realistic


• How to work with Sugar Florist Paste and its unique properties from sugar paste and other pastes


• How to work with various cutters and sugar flower modelling tools to shape flowers and give them a delicate finish


• How to tape and put together a wired flowers, ready for a wedding cake or celebration cake


• How to work with Edible tints and dust sugar flowers to give them a striking professional touch


• Learn how to work with my brand new product, Safety Seal that can be used to cover both flower wires and fresh flowers, leaves to stick directly into a cake


Plus a lot of skills and advice given to you that you can’t find online and of course everything you have made in the class is for you to take back home!

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